Female Leadership for a Sustainable Growth in Greece - The New Digital Era

Introductional Greeting

Introductional Greeting ICC WOMEN HELLAS celebrates International Women's Day 2021, and at the same time, exactly 1 year of fighting for our lives and our health.
In this suffocating year due to the pandemic, ICC WOMEN HELLAS spread its wings, embarking on the digital age, conveying the message "MORE WOMEN MORE GROWTH" to Greek women inside and outside the borders of our country.
Dozens of great Greek women from all walks of life responded to our call for the empowerment of women and towards the realization of our vision for a Greece where women and men will work equally.
Through numerous online discussions and the use of social networks, we transmitted the message "power in unity", we developed a network of highly valued women - members in Greece, Canada, North America, the UAE - Dubai & the rest of Europe.
At our event entitled:
"Female Leadership for a Sustainable Growth in Greece - The New Digital Era", we will meet women - models of strength and growth through tough struggles and we will have the opportunity to learn about all the things that are happening globally, and finally moving in favor of women.   
We will meet in PART A, 4 of our women members and we will hear their stories: 
How Julia Haida took the marbles of the Iktinos company and sent them around the world, thus becoming an "Internationally Developing Entrepreneur" - "Entrepreneur of the Year" !
We will then have the opportunity to welcome Zina Mavroidi, the young creator of E-fresh, the only independent online supermarket, with a large market share! 
We will get to know the exciting course of Despina Portokali in advertising, when she built, her very large company in Thessaloniki & Athens, Orange, and later in lige made the shift towards tourism and energy. 
Finally, it is our great honor to welcome the Greek-Canadian Melissa Kargiannaki, a wonder-woman who is now one of the 100 most powerful women in Canada, while at the age of 25, she was awarded by the Queen of England!
In PART B, we have three European guest speakers, European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, the French Minister Elisabeth Moreno and the Greek-French Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, while we will close the event with the Greek politicians Maria Syregela, Olga Kefalogianni, Eliza Vozemberg & Zefi Dimadama.
We are looking forward to introducing to the bright examples and original stories of women who have succeeded, but also to give you a complete picture of everything that is happening in Greece, Europe and internationally towards the empowerment of women in our digital age!
 It would be our great pleasure if you participated during our interactive digital forum. You can share your questioned directly on the platform.




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